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Design, manufacture and supply of equipment to the brewing, soft drink, food, pharmaceutical, aerospace and automotive industries


Keg washing, cask washing, crate washing, tray washing, ibc washing, drum washing, cask racking, keg racking, chain conveyor, roller conveyor, external washing, keg decant, faras, label removal, external cask washing, external keg washing, high pressure label removal, marshalling, cask conveyors, keg conveyors, accumulation conveyors,, bottle fillers, bottle rinsers, bottle labelling, heat shrink tunnels, shrink wrappers, cask elevators, down enders, up enders, spear tighteners, keg cappers, walking beams, finings equipment, pressure test, cappers, bottle conveyors, slat conveyors, detergent sets, deshive, dekeystone, rekeystone, shive handling, wire conveyors, degreasing machines, cleaning machines, utensil washing, ultrasonic cleaning, bed plates, cast iron bedplates, t slotted bed plates, floor plates, strong floors, test beds, cubes, blocks, specialised test rigs

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